Parent & Tot Swim

What you can expect from your child during Parent/Tot swim class.

At 3-6 months

  • Get cold easily
  • Be very happy and excited about the water
  • Do the Frog Kick automatically
  • Float passively on back with help
  • Get very tired and hungry

At 6-12 months

  • Learn how to crawl and become goal oriented
  • Learn how to climb out of the pool
  • Learn how to climb into the pool
  • Hold onto the edge of the pool
  • Move arms under the water
  • Be afraid of strangers
  • Be afraid of the size of the pool
  • Like our toys
  • Dislike back floating
  • Like to jump from the side
  • Get cold easily
  • Get very hungry and tired

At 12-24 months

  • Become very independent
  • Say “No” a lot
  • Learn to walk and want to show it off
  • Develop a strong kick
  • Learn to use the arms and legs together in the water
  • Like to “swim” from instructor to Mom
  • Learn good breath holding
  • Like to jump a lot
  • Like to climb out and wipe face on a towel
  • Learn how to turn around in the water
  • Learn to swim with fins on
  • Begin to learn how to come up for breath

At 24-36 months

  • Want to do everything unaided
  • Refuse to listen to parent
  • Want to use kickboards
  • Swim with a bubble on
  • Swim with swim fins
  • Learn to come up for breath
  • Jump from the side a lot
  • Get very wild at times and make loud noises
  • Do the doggy paddle
  • Swim 20 feet by him or herself

The characteristics and skills listed here are meant to give you a general idea of what type of response you may expect from your child in the pool. The lists are by no means complete and should not be used to judge the progress of your child. Children learn at their own individual pace when they are physically and mentally ready. The division into four categories is only meant to help put their progress into perspective since all age levels may be in the pool at the same time.