Attention Pool Members

And Swim Students

Pool Closing Nov. 28, 2021 thru January 1, 2022

If project is finished ahead of schedule I will make a post on our Facebook page. We will be working on the ceiling in the pool room.

More details on our newsletter for November and December.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Don and Dianne

Koinonia School of Sports

FREE POOL MEMBERSHIP for all children enrolled in Swim Lessons!

Swim Lessons:  All ages, all levels for 8 week sessions

Children enrolled can attend open swim times at no charge
Includes:  heated Pool, positive environment and a small class size!

Swimming Skill Levels

Since 1973, we at Koinonia, have gone to great measures to offer safe, fun and quality swim lessons to our customers. Koinonia’s successful swim program is broken down into levels according to age and ability. All students must be able to perform specific requirements in each level in order to advance to the next.

To help you better understand what level your child/children may be at, here is a list of our swim level guidelines. Our knowledgeable staff will help determine what level is best suited for your child/children.

swim level poster 1swim level poster 2 swim level poster 3